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Levels of Care Overview


Levels of Care (LOCs) are required by 922 KAR 1:360 as a method for making the funding for private child caring (PCC) and child placing (PCP) services proportional to the levels of need or support required by children who are committed to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. The criteria for LOCs are specified by 922 KAR 1:360 (Section 4).


  • Levels of Care (LOCs) are initiated by the DCBS worker in preparation for a child entering an out-of-home placement that requires LOC funding (SOP 4.11.1).
  • Once a child is in a PCC/PCP placement the provider is responsible for maintaining the LOC by reporting the child’s needs and services every three months (residential) or every six months (foster care).

Types of Levels and Related Protocols

  • Initial Levels of Care are the responsibility of the DCBS worker in preparation for an out-of-home placement for a child in a PCC/PCP program.
  • When immediate placement is needed in a residential treatment program (PCC), an Emergency LOC may be requested by the DCBS worker.
  • Reassignment of the LOC is needed when a child has had a previous level that has expired before being admitted to a PCC/PCP. Once the LOC expires, it cannot be used for another PCC/PCP placement. The DCBS worker or the PCC/PCP (within 30 days of placement) must apply to have the LOC renewed or “reassigned” (922 KAR 1:360, Section 13).
  • When there is new information regarding a child or a disagreement about an assigned LOC, a Redetermination may be requested by a DCBS worker or PCC/PCP provider by submitting a request along with new information to CRP.
  • Once a child is placed in a PCC/PCP, the program is responsible for maintaining a valid level of care through the Utilization Review process, which involves reporting the child’s progress, services, and needs to CRP at scheduled intervals.  
  • For answers to common questions about levels of care, please see FAQs About Levels of Care for TFCs & RTFs

CRP Timeframes for Assigning Levels of Care

  • Levels designated as Emergencies are assigned within 24 Hours after receiving required materials.
  • Initial levels and levels related to Reassignments and Redeterminations are assigned within 3 business days after receiving required materials.
  • Levels based on Utilization Reviews are assigned within 5 business days after receiving required materials.
  • Levels are often assigned sooner than the time frames indicated above.





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