LOC Emergency Requests


When a Level of Care (LOC) is needed urgently, the DCBS worker may request that the case be declared an "emergency" by DCBS Central Office (SOP 4.11.25). However, these requests should only be used in emergency situations.


An emergency LOC may be obtained when the LOC is needed urgently for a placement.


  • The DCBS worker requests the "emergency" designation from DCBS Central Office (502-564-2147 or 564-6852). CRP cannot accept emergency LOC requests directly from DCBS workers without Central Office approval.
  • Once CRP receives the emergency request from Central Office and all materials have been received from the DCBS worker, CRP will assign the LOC within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

  • An 886A completed in the last 30 days is the only document required for an emergency LOC. No Screener or supplemental tool is required when the LOC has been approved as an emergency by Central Office. The required document(s) may be faxed (859.225-3565) or securely emailed ([email protected]) to CRP.

  • Once the LOC has been assigned, CRP will notify the requester and send a copy of the level to the Billing Clerk.