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Redetermination/Appeal Process

Open Requesting a Redetermination of a Level from CRP configuration options

To obtain the most accurate level of care, it is important to submit all relevant information at the time of initial level assignment, as well as for routine level reviews.

When new information becomes available about a child which may impact a level assignment or a DCBS worker or a PCC disagrees with the LOC assigned to a child because they consider the LOC to be too high or too low, they may seek to have the LOC redetermined (922 KAR 1:360).

Requesting a Redetermination of a Level from CRP

When submitting a request for Redetermination, include the following:

  • The most recent level of care assignment form (CRP-2, CRP-4, CRP-5, or CRP-6) with the redetermination section completed. Please print or write legibly.
  • A letter/narrative that identifies new evidence (since the last level of care assignment) supporting a higher or lower level of care, or an explanation of why the writer believes the previous level does not meet regulatory criteria.
  • Supporting documentation such as incident reports detailing the behavioral issues may be included when further clarification is warranted. Most of the time a well written letter/narrative will suffice.
  • Further guidance can be found here: CRP Redetermination Guidance


It is not necessary to submit a new ALP (CRP-7) report, 886A, or a new tool (i.e., Screener/CANS Assessment Report ) with the request for a redetermination.

The redetermination letter/narrative and any supporting documentation can be sent to the Children’s Review Program via fax (859) 225-3565 or emailed via secure email to one of the following email addresses:

PCC/PCP ONLY: [email protected]

DCBS ONLY: [email protected]

Appeal to the Gatekeeper: If the redetermination is denied, the requester may appeal to the CRP director’s office for review. To do this, send a cover letter indicating the request for appeal and providing the basis for the appeal. Because this is an appeal, only the information submitted with the original Request for Redetermination will be considered. The appropriate time to submit new evidence is with the Request for Redetermination. Information for the appeal should be directed to: Roni Giberson, Children’s Review Program Director, and faxed or emailed as indicated above.

A written response will be provided within 10 working days of the receipt of the request.

Seek an Informal Dispute Resolution from CHFS: If the appeal to CRP is denied, the requester may appeal to CHFS by filing an informal dispute resolution as outlined in Section 14 of 922 KAR 1:360. This informal dispute resolution request will be reviewed by DCBS and DCBS will render the decision. Please remember when making an informal dispute resolution to include the same documentation that was provided to CRP so that the review team can determine whether or not a level change is justified. The informal dispute resolution will be based on information previously submitted for the redetermination of level. If new information is available, please seek a redetermination of level.

Requests for an informal dispute resolution can be sent to:
David Gutierrez, LCSW
Branch Manager, Family Violence Prevention Branch
Department for Community Based Services
275 East Main Street 3E-A
Frankfort, KY 40621
Fax: 502-564-4653
email: [email protected]

Request an Administrative Hearing: If an agency is still not satisfied with the decision after receiving a response from their informal dispute resolution request, then the agency may request an administrative hearing as outlined in 922 KAR 1:360.





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