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New Vista Access provides meaningful experiences and opportunities for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). The goal is for these individuals to live and participate in their community. We promote person-centered care with services to support emotional, mental and physical well-being. New Vista Access is the central point of intake for all services for persons with IDD located at 1351 Newtown Pike, Building 5, Lexington, KY, 40511. For questions or to make a referral, please call 859.272.7483.


Supports for Community Living (SCL) is a Medicaid waiver and designed to meet the individual needs of adults with IDD who live in community alternatives to institutional care. Participants have an individualized service plan which is developed in conjunction with a case manager as well as community providers and natural support systems.  

Michelle P. Waiver (MPW) is a Medicaid waiver that meets the individual needs of children and adults who have IDD. MPW allows individuals to remain in their homes with support and services. Participants have an individualized service plan which is developed in conjunction with a case manager as well as other community providers and natural support systems.  

Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASSR) provides specialized services beyond the normal scope of a nursing facility. The mission of the PASRR program is to provide a person-centered approach to developing a plan to make an individual’s life more meaningful while residing in a nursing facility.  Examples of needed support and services are; a day program, communication device or evaluation for additional therapies designed to be habilitative in nature.

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) provides services and supports to adults with acquired brain injuries who are working to re-enter community life. Services are provided in community settings and focus on obtaining and monitoring needed services for individuals with ABI.

Participant Directed Services (PDS) the purpose of PDS is to support recipients of the SCL, MPW, ABI and ABI-LTC waivers who choose to direct their own services. Support brokers assist an individual and/or their representative to design a budget of supports used to recruit, employ and train staff chosen by the individual and/or representative.  

State General Funds Services meet the individual needs of children and adults who have IDD and are not currently recipients of a Medicaid waiver like SCL or MPW. State General Funds Services include case management, community living supports and personal assistance. Case managers coordinate the following services; crisis respite, supported employment, day training, behavior support and services as deemed appropriate by the individual’s person-centered team.  


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