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We believe clients should be heard and New Vista is here to listen! You have a right to raise questions or concerns about the services you receive and to let New Vista know when someone is doing a great job. We make sure all clients are informed. Each client receives the Client Guide to Services and the Notice of Privacy Practices.  

If you have a concern, we recommend to discuss it with the staff you are working with first or a clinic director. We understand there are times when you may not want to bring your concerns to staff or you may have brought it to staff and not received a satisfactory response. New Vista will treat your concerns with respect and to ensure your questions are answered.

If you have a compliment, question, or concern about services or treatment, you may speak with the corporate director of quality improvement at 1.855.727.8701, email [email protected] or by mail at 1351 Newtown Pike, Lexington, Kentucky 40511. The compliance officer will talk with you and will assist in resolving your concerns. If a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached, you may appeal to the President/CEO and if still not satisfied to the Board of Directors.  

If you have concerns regarding the services or treatment you are receiving and do not wish to take the above steps, you may contact the Kentucky Cabinet for Health Services. The ombudsman can be reached at 502.564.5497 or by mail at 275 East Main Street, Mail Stop 1 ED, Frankfort, Kentucky 40621. You may also contact the Joint Commission at 1.800.994.6610 or [email protected].





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