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Substance Use Treatment Programs Are Available in Central Kentucky… Here, Now

Substance use is one of the most important public health and safety issues facing the Commonwealth. Over the past 10 years, the number of Kentuckians who have died from drug overdoses has steadily climbed.
In 2016, according to the Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy, more than 1,400 Kentuckians lost their lives because of a drug overdose. Most of these deaths were caused by opioids such as heroin, fentanyl or a combination of the two.
The devastation wrought by drug addiction is tremendous: lives are shattered; families destroyed; communities, public safety, EMS, hospital emergency departments and social service agencies overwhelmed; economic development stunted; and futures put in peril.
Facing the fact that you, or someone you care about, is suffering from addiction can be very difficult. Finding the right help can be overwhelming. New Vista is a nonprofit center and has been offering drug treatment for more than 45 years in central Kentucky. New Vista believes that all people are capable of positive change – and there is no wrong path to recovery.
New Vista provides services and support to help adolescents and adults achieve recovery from addiction by offering a range of treatment options based on the needs of each individual. This is called person-centered treatment. The person-centered approach takes into consideration the type of substance use, the length and severity of use, and physical and mental health. Here is a list of all person-centered treatment options available through New Vista.
Clients meet one on one with licensed therapists trained in the treatment of substance use using strategies proven to be effective. These services include relapse prevention and recovery skill development in addition to individual, family, couples and group therapy. Treatment sessions take place in the New Vista office location nearest to the individual throughout our 17-county central Kentucky service area.
New Vista’ Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) provides group therapy and education three days per week for at least nine hours each week. Individual and family counseling is also provided. Therapists help clients learn coping, relapse prevention and recovery maintenance skills. New Vista employs proven, evidence-based treatment protocols to address the needs of the whole person. IOP is more intensive than outpatient therapy, while allowing clients to continue living at home and working in the community. IOP is available to both men and women and is offered in Boyle, Fayette and Madison counties.
The Schwartz Center offers a short-term, 28-day rehabilitation program for adult men and women. Our residential program provides treatment in a non-judgmental environment free of distractions from everyday life. The daily structured schedule focuses on group therapy and education. Residents also participate in individual therapy, recreation, a Twelve Step program, case management and peer support services. Schwartz Center accepts pregnant women, individuals in medication assisted treatment programs, and individuals who have co-occurring mental health and substance use problems. Phone screenings are available 24 hours 7 days a week by calling 859.246.7282. After the initial phone screening, the Schwartz Center Intake Coordinator will contact individuals to discuss services and the admission process.
New Vista believes responsible Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) is a successful approach to addressing the opioid and heroin epidemic. The New Vista program is the longest running in Kentucky. Since 1975, New Vista has offered adults a comprehensive treatment plan that includes both counseling and MAT. Our services bring together all the treatment options into one program including individual and group therapy, psychiatric care, case management, drug testing and treatment with either methadone or bruprenorphine. The program maintains the highest standards and is licensed and Joint Commission accredited.
Networking behavioral health, family practice and OB care, the New Vista Pregnancy and Addiction Network supports pregnant and postpartum women in recovery. Services are provided in collaboration with hospitals, physicians, medication assisted treatment programs, social services and community agencies to help pregnant women with substance use disorders to receive the treatment they need. The goal is to ensure all pregnant women and their families receive treatment with as few barriers and delays as possible.
The PRIDE Program provides treatment for pregnant, post-partum and parenting women struggling with drugs and alcohol. Treatment includes individual and group counseling, education, case management and parenting skills. This program is offered in Fayette County.
U-TURN is New Vista’s outpatient treatment program for adolescents ages 13-18. U-TURN offers specialized group, individual and family therapy services. New Vista believes it is vital to provide treatment tailored to the adolescent that involves the family. New Vista works closely with schools, courts and community partners as part of the treatment plan. U-TURN is designed to give each teen the best path to recovery.
An important part of any substance use program is prevention. New Vista provides prevention and early intervention programs for youth and adults for alcohol, tobacco and drug use. The programs are geared toward preventing or reducing high-risk behaviors, such as under-age alcohol and tobacco use; prescription drug misuse and abuse; and illicit drug use. Recognizing that there is often more to substance use than is readily apparent, prevention specialists provide assistance and consultation to the local community, working with schools, health departments, law enforcement and coalitions to implement effective prevention strategies in each of the 17 counties New Vista serves.
Once you realize you or someone you love needs help from addiction. The next step is to find the right treatment. New Vista can help you get started, answer questions and provide support at our 24-Hour Help Line 1.800.928.8000.
New Vista is a community-based, non-profit mental health center serving children, adults and families in 17 counties in central Kentucky since 1966. For more information about any of our programs, for support or crisis intervention contact our 24-Hour Help Line at 1.800.928.8000.