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Mental Health – Signs that Someone May Need Help

Managing daily routines, coping with emotions like fear and anxiety and dealing with uncertainty in the world of COVID-19 can be challenging to your mental health. It is important to pay attention to the mental health and emotional well-being of your loved ones. Below are some signs to look for that may indicate a need to seek professional help and ways you can support those you love.
Certain emotions or behaviors can signal the need for professional help. Be sure to talk to loved ones about how they are feeling and pay attention to signs of distress or changes in mood or behavior. Signs that someone should seek help could include:
Struggling to work, parent, or keep up with daily tasks at home
Unable to handle stress with normal coping strategies
Difficulty maintaining a healthy appetite or experiencing significant weight loss
Using drugs or alcohol to cope
Engaging in risky behaviors
Unable to focus
Unable to sleep
Lack of interest in activities that they once enjoyed
Panic attacks
Fear of being around others, even children or family
Mistrust of people they normally confided in
Sense of guilt or unworthiness
Restlessness or agitation
Anger and violent outbursts
To support your loved ones, it is important to stay connected with visits, phone calls, or video chats to help them feel less isolated and lonely. Listen carefully and if you notice significant changes in mood or behavior like the ones listed above, it may be time for professional help. Be proactive by suggesting professional help like counseling, online support groups or local helplines. And always take someone seriously when they talk about having suicidal thoughts – call a professional for help immediately.
If you or a loved one needs to talk, call our 24-Hour Helpline at 1.800.928.8000. New Vista provides mental health, substance use, and intellectual disability services to more than 25,000 children, adults and families each year. We can help.
*Information provided in part by the Anthem Employee Assistance Program.