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Helping Kids with Back-to-School Anxiety

With the arrival of August, summer vacation is winding down, and families are busy getting ready for the start of another school year. And while this can be a time filled with excitement and positive enthusiasm, it’s also very commonly a time filled with trepidation about the upcoming year.
This anxiety can manifest in different ways. Kids worry about new teachers, new surroundings, new classmates, new schedules and new social pressures. No one escapes these concerns completely, and some kids worry more than others.
One of the keys is to be there for your child. These fears are valid emotions and shouldn’t be dismissed or belittled. Where possible, help come up with strategies to deal with these new situations. Where no easy answers are found, focus on positives and encouragement so that the anxiousness doesn’t become too much of a focal point.
Practicing the school routine can help, as well. Since school presents much change at one time, it can be beneficial to adapt to the school schedule ahead of time with regard to bedtime, wake-up, and breakfast routines.
Of course, these are just a few of the many ways kids can receive help. The more anxious the child is, the more help they may need. It’s important to get children the additional assistance they need as early in life as possible.
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