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Kentucky Moms Program Offers Help for Pregnant Women With Addiction

Kentucky Moms Maternal Assistance Towards Recovery (MATR) is offered by New Vista’s Regional Prevention Center and provides services in 17 Central Kentucky counties. KY Moms MATR offers case management and prevention services to pregnant and post-partum mothers up to 60 days who are experiencing substance use disorder. KY Moms increases positive birth outcomes for pregnant women by reducing the risks associated with substance use, mental health and intimate partner violence. During COVID-19, services are provided via telehealth with contactless delivery of supplies for moms. 

Who can get help with KY Moms? All pregnant women and new mothers up to 60 days post-partum can access KY Moms services who have a substance use diagnosis. 

What makes KY Moms unique?

  • We use evidence-based practices including, motivational interviewing and person-centered planning and treatment.
  • When clients achieve a goal, they can receive free baby supplies – car seats, diapers, pack-n-plays and much more.
  • Substance use prevention services are especially tailored to target pregnancy and substance use during and immediately following birth.
  • If the mother decides not to seek treatment for substance use disorder, Kentucky Moms can still work with the client.

How to Get Started with Kentucky Moms Complete and return the KY Moms Referral Form along with a Release of Information to [email protected].