New Vista recognizes the importance of providing prevention and early intervention for youth and adults for alcohol, tobacco and drug use. Our education and prevention services are geared to prevent or reduce high risk behaviors such as underage alcohol and tobacco use, prescription drug misuse and abuse and illicit drug use. In addition, we work to break down the stigma associated with mental health and to prevent bullying and suicide.

Prevention specialists provide assistance and consultation to the local community. We work with schools, health departments, law enforcement, coalitions and individuals to implement effective prevention strategies in each of the 17 counties we serve.

Our goal is to improve behavioral health outcomes for youth, families and our communities. Reducing a single risk factor has been shown to lead to a reduction of multiple problems in the family, school, peer group and community. Increasing protective factors supports healthy development in all areas of life and builds resiliency to help youth resist influences that lead to unhealthy choices. Treating addiction helps improve lives by providing a different way to live.