Jail Triage

New Vista provides county jails across the Commonwealth with telephone access to a qualified mental health professional 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Focusing on suicide assessment and risk management for inmates while they are in custody, Jail Triage clinicians field more than 20,000 calls annually from 80 jails throughout Kentucky. Through the Jail Triage program, New Vista coordinates with community mental health centers across the state to provide additional mental health services to approximately 6,000 inmates each year.

Jail staff can initiate Jail Triage services by calling 1.877.266.2602 24 hours a day.

Quick Links for Jail Triage Providers

Jail Triage Manual – Jail Protocols

Jail Triage Protocol Power Point

Jail Triage Manual – Follow Up Consultation

Jail Triage Follow Up Form

Jail Triage Quick Reply Form


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