Residential Treatment

New Vista 28-day programs are centered around the needs of the individual. A daily structured schedule focuses on group therapy and education. Residents also are given an orientation to community support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. We provide services for adults in medication-assisted recovery programs and who have co-occurring mental health and substance use issues, including those needing opioid addiction treatment. Our goal is to provide a path to life-long recovery for those struggling with substance use disorder. To get started, find support and ask questions click here.

The Schwartz Center

The Schwartz Center offers short-term residential treatment in separate for men and women. We provide 20 beds for men and 16 beds for women. Clients find a safe and supportive environment that focuses on individualized treatment plans and building a foundation for recovery. The residential program includes:

• Group and individual counseling
• Family counseling
• Educational sessions
• Community meetings

• Peer support
• Family education program
• Recreation
• 12-Step work
• Case management


Our residential program provides treatment in a non-judgmental environment free of distractions from everyday life. Group activities provide education on the disease of addiction and the development of coping and daily living skills needed to live without using drugs and alcohol. Daily schedules and routines develop healthy habits necessary to be successful when individuals return to their community.

Center for Women and Children

New Vista's 12-bed substance use treatment facility is located in Richmond and focuses on the overall health of the mother and child coordinating OB/GYN and pediatric care along with nurturing parenting classes. 

  • Women can bring children up to the age of 2 with them to residential treatment. Our goal is to help families thrive through recovery.
  • Individual and group therapy builds skills for mothers to thrive in recovery as well as addressing trauma, depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns.
  • Peer support specialists work with and support clients as well as case managers who help with financial benefits and other needs.
  • Through daily schedules, women develop healthy habits necessary to be successful. We work with DCBS for mothers who have an open-case plan.

Getting Started

Schwartz Center call 859.246.7282
Center for Women and Children call 859.972.1050
After Hours call the 24-Hour Helpline 1.800.928.8000.
We work quickly to get clients into services as soon as possible.

After Residential Treatment

New Vista encourages treatment after completing the program. This is extremely helpful to individuals adjusting to being back in the community. Research shows having strong sober supports and treatment improve the chances of maintaining recovery. For example, those receiving opioid addiction treatment, narcotic addiction treatment, and pregnancy addiction treatment all face different obstacles but can benefit from some of the same courses of action. New Vista offers these treatment programs:

Transitional Housing offers Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) services along with room and board. Individuals receive support while transitioning into the community, locating permanent housing and employment.

Intensive Outpatient Services (IOP) comprised of 18 group sessions over a six-week period in an outpatient setting which continues to support each individual with skill-building, relapse prevention and coping strategies for everyday stress triggers.

Outpatient Counseling provides individual, family and group counseling and case management services near an individual’s home.

Substance use disorder is a term used to describe substance use or substance dependence when an individual experiences physical and/or mental health problems and continues to use. Drug addiction (substance use) is a disease that stems from thoughts and actions determined by an inability to stop using a substance or substances. Whether referring to opioid addiction treatment, or other addiction treatment, New Vista is one of the top drug addiction rehab facilities in the area.