Medication Assisted Recovery

New Vista believes responsible medication assisted recovery (MAR) is a successful approach to addressing the Opioid and Heroin Epidemic. Our program is the longest-running in Kentucky and has specific elements that help facilitate opioid addiction treatment. Since 1975, New Vista has offered adults a comprehensive treatment plan that includes both therapy/counseling and MAR. Now, New Vista offers MAR for the treatment of alcohol use.

Our services bring together all treatment options into one program including;

  • individual and group therapy
  • psychiatry care
  • primary care
  • care coordination 
  • case management
  • drug testing
  • medication assisted treatment

Medication assisted recovery is one aspect of the treatment options we sometimes choose to employ at New Vista. While group therapy, psychiatry care, drug testing, and case management form the support system, medication assisted recovery allows for the important use of FDA-approved medications to address the chemical component of a patient's welfare. Medication assisted treatment is particularly useful for people suffering from opioid addiction or other types of substance abuse or drug addiction.

Our program maintains the highest standards and is licensed by Kentucky AODE and Joint Commission accredited. To get started and ask questions click here.