Drug Court

The goal is always to intervene before engagement with the justice system occurs, but that is not always possible. Nearly 20 years ago, New Vista was an integral part of establishing Drug Courts in Kentucky to address the increasing issue of addiction and incarceration. New Vista offers a full continuum of treatment services to individuals involved in drug court throughout our 17 county service area in central Kentucky.

We serve as drug court team members and collaborate on planning for enhancement of services. Our specialized Clark-Madison County Drug Court program includes peer support services and case management in addition to therapy. This specialized program is also being developed and implemented in Harrison County.

Peer support services can provide non-clinical benefits to those suffering from addiction and in need of addiction treatment. As well as providing emotional support, peer support also reinforces healthy information exchange and provides exposure to people who are dealing with similar substance use disorders and substance abuse.

If you are a judge or court administrator and would like to know more about the Drug Court programs developed by New Vista, please contact Nikki Stanaitis, Chief Clinical Officer, at 859.253.1686 or [email protected]