New Vista is a Joint Commission accredited organization. New Vista has maintained accreditation since 1993. The Joint Commission accredits many health care organizations like hospitals, nursing homes, and behavioral health treatment facilities like New Vista.

Accreditation requirements address organizational performance in specific areas and specify requirements to ensure care, treatment and services are based on quality and in a safe manner. A trauma-informed, recovery and resilience-oriented philosophy and approach to care, treatment and services is embedded in the requirements. The Joint Commission develops its requirements in consultation with behavioral health care experts, providers, measurement experts, as well as individuals served.

The Joint Commission’s accreditation process concentrates on operational systems critical to the safety and quality of care, treatment or services provided to the individual. Surveys are conducted by experienced and licensed behavioral health care professionals, including psychologists, social workers, professional counselors, behavioral health care nurses and administrators. Many Joint Commission surveyors are actively working in a range of behavioral health care settings.

Joint Commission behavioral health care accreditation provides a framework to help manage risk and enhance the quality and safety of care, treatment and services. Recognized by state regulatory agencies in all 50 states accreditation demonstrates compliance with state regulations or licensure requirements.