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Outcomes measurement is included in the PCC agreement as a provider responsibility. This function of the Children’s Review Program (CRP) provides a uniform set of outcome measures for the states’ providers, which allows comparison within peer groups. Some providers use these outcomes for Continuous Quality Improvement projects or to support their accreditation. Some of the outcomes data are included in the PCC Comparative Reports, which are used by DCBS workers and Regional Placement Coordinators in making placement decisions.

Data Collection

The process of collecting placement data is intended to be as efficient as possible. The Children’s Review Program receives a weekly download of changes entered in the PCC Tracking system during the previous week. As part of the reconciliation process, CRP staff email programs via secure email to clarify conflicting or unknown information. In addition, a Monthly Census report is available on-line for residential providers to review and either confirm or correct the placement information for the children in their program. Critical incident, physical management and risk indicator data are entered monthly by program staff via the CRP web application.

Data Reporting

Outcome reports are available on the CRP web application and providers may run reports monthly, quarterly or annually at any time. They include measures of outcome and process that are developed using the data from the process described above. The reports provide the raw data (numerator and denominator), program result and comparison group results for each measure. Comparison group results are the mean and one standard deviation for each measure.

As needed: Providers or Cabinet staff may request customized outcomes reports, which can be compiled by CRP staff from these data elements.

Data Analysis

The Children’s Review Program is available for interpretation and further analysis of a program’s results. If you have questions, contact Tye Reece at (859) 455-7452 ext. 3328)





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