Technical Assistance

CRP offers technical assistance for providers and DCBS workers to help with questions about diagnoses, treatment planning and placement. The purpose of technical assistance is to improve the quality of service to children in DCBS care. Often providers and DCBS workers are responsible for children with challenging behavioral and emotional issues, several diagnoses and complex treatment needs. Technical assistance can be useful when you are responsible for a child who is not making progress in a placement.

CRP is there to help providers and DCBS workers be informed, effective advocates for the children and families that they serve. Technical assistance from CRP is available about large or small issues, and may include intensive case review. Technical assistance may be obtained by calling CRP at 859.455.7452 and asking to speak with the Director or Associate Director regarding a clinical consultation or by emailing Roni Giberson.

The provider or DCBS worker and CRP staff will work together to clearly identify the concerns and issues to be addressed through the consultation. Provider staff and the DCBS worker may be asked to provide background information and treatment records to aid in the consultation, and/or to participate in phone calls regarding the case.