Contact New Vista's Children's Review Program

1351 Newtown Pike, Building 3
Lexington, KY 40511-1278
Phone: 859.455.7452 Fax: 859.225.3565
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Roni Giberson, PhD Director

Tye Reece, LPA Associate Director

Charly Hyden, BA Administrative Secretary

Assessment Unit

Jody Burrus, LPCC Unit Coordinator
Cassie Scaggs, LPCC Clinical Reviewer
Callie Snowden, LCSW Clinical Reviewer
Courtney Rupp, CSW Clinical Reviewer
Angela Hawkins, AA Office Assistant

Placement Unit

Jackie Cheatham, BSW Statewide Placement Coordinator
Annie Williams, BSW Assistant Statewide Placement Coordinator
Scarlett Nicholson, BSW Special Populations Placement Coordinator
Jessica Atterbury, BS Office Assistant

List of Regional Placement Coordinators

Quality Assurance Unit

Tye Reece, LPA Associate Director
Casey McClelland, BS Quality Assurance Specialist

Qualified Residential Treatment Program (QRTP) Assessment Unit

Alan Hounshell, LPA Unit Coordinator 859.699.3835
Jessica Collins, LPCC-S QRTP Assessor 859.285.7568
Laura Hammer, LPCC QRTP Assessor 859.229.0286
Carley Justice, LCSW QRTP Assessor 859.227.3860
Katelin Mullikin, Psy.D., LP QRTP Assessor 859.227.3840
Maggie Nickles, LCSW QRTP Assessor 859.230.6561
Robyn Postley, LCSW QRTP Assessor 859.230.6561
Becca Saylor, LCSW QRTP Assessor 859.270.3501
Jonna Sears, LCSW QRTP Assessor 859.270.3089
Briana Small, CSW QRTP Assessor 859.230.7208
Alicia Stewart, LCSW QRTP Assessor 859.699.3817
Wendy Wright, LPCC-S QRTP Assessor 859.333.1422
Erin Potter, BA QRTP Assessment Specialist

Alisha Craig, QRTP Assessment Office Assistant


Information Systems

David Foor

For information on accessing CRP’s web application, registering as a user, requesting a password be reset, or other related information, please contact Tye Reece.